In asset management, it takes two to tango. EAM software alone can’t solve asset management challenges. It must be empowered by structured and disciplined practices. At the same time, in today’s increasingly lean environment, practices need EAM software to streamline processes and increase efficiency. The two are opposite sides of the same coin: you need both to create a successful EAM operation.

That’s why we do both. We are authorized distributors and certified integrators of Infor EAM, the industry’s top asset management software system. We are also certified maintenance reliability professionals (CMRP) with 18 years of experience applying best practices in maintenance, storeroom, and procurement operations. SwainSmith brings EAM technology and best practices together to create a winning solution for enterprise asset management.

Great EAM information doesn’t just happen.

SwainSmith’s unique approach addresses both EAM technology and the best practices needed to make it work. We configure your EAM software according to manufacturing best practices. Then we equip your organization for EAM success by applying proven best practices to your processes, policies, and procedures. The result? You get accurate, meaningful, up-to-the-minute information about your asset management operation—100% of the time.


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Best Practices

Platform-agnostic solutions

Make better decisions about your physical assets.

SwainSmith gives you the EAM information you need to increase reliability, improve performance, and reduce costs across the enterprise. Turn EAM data into transformative insights — and get the business intelligence to solve your asset management challenges.

Increase uptime and reduce costs—at the same time.

SwainSmith’s unique approach provides the structure, discipline, and toolset that EAM operations need to thrive. Our clients typically see a 3‐5% increase in uptime and machine availability while simultaneously reducing maintenance and MRO costs by 15‐25%.

Ground your EAM operation on best practices.

SwainSmith brings formalized, documented best practices to every client engagement. Our unique toolkit contains over 300 field-tested, standards-compliant best practices for asset management. It speeds up software implementation while providing a rock-solid foundation for EAM success.

Lay the foundation for long-term improvement.

It’s easy to boost performance in the short term. What’s hard is continuous improvement. SwainSmith gives your EAM software a solid base of best practices so your operation can keep improving on a sustainable basis.

World-class EAM software

Manage work, inventory, and procurement with ease.

Infor EAM is a true all-in-one solution for enterprise asset management — designed for everyday users and built to solve enterprise challenges. Step up your asset management game with the simple, powerful EAM software system trusted by over 10,000 organizations worldwide.

Discover the better, faster way to implement Infor EAM.

SwainSmith gets your Infor EAM software up and running — and producing insights — in days instead of weeks, reducing implementation costs and putting you on the fast track to improvement. Our MBP AcceleratorTM and PathwaysTM methodology take you on the critical path to EAM success.

Maximize ROI on your Infor EAM investment.

The average Infor EAM customer uses less than 50% of Infor EAM’s capabilities. SwainSmith’s PathwaysTM methodology, combined with our unique best practice toolkit, enable you to use your Infor EAM software to its full potential.

Discover the SwainSmith Advantage.