Asset management holds big opportunities for creating value. SwainSmith’s Value MapTM is your first step to realizing it. Our unique assessment program will measure your asset management against proven best practices, find opportunities for creating value, and give you a clear path to improvement.

What is a Value MapTM assessment?

SwainSmith’s Value MapTM assessment measures your asset management against industry-accepted standards, including ISO 55000, PAS 55, and ISO 14224. It identifies gaps between your current asset management environment and industry-accepted best practices. It also gives you a step-by-step plan for closing gaps, identifies the value that will be created, and establishes a timeline so you know when you can expect to realize that value.

Why do a Value MapTM assessment?

Implementing best practices can help any organization, large or small, get more value from its physical assets. A Value MapTM assessment paves the way by showing where you are now versus where you want to be. It tells you what improvement would mean for your organization in terms of both the work required to get there and the value it would create.

A Value MapTM assessment:

  • Provides a roadmap to better asset management.
  • Helps you plan and prioritize your improvement efforts.
  • Estimates the scope of the work required.
  • Identifies the potential return on investment.
  • Establishes a benchmark for measuring progress.

With our Value MapTM assessment, you will get:


A thorough evaluation of your current practices


We will measure your asset management against industry standards and best practices, identify gaps, and assign scores for each area of the operation (Work Management, MRO Materials Management, and Procurement).


A step-by-step plan for improvement


We will use the findings to create a step-by-step plan for closing the gaps between your operation and best practices. The improvement plan will include a list of recommended tasks, resource requirements, and a projected timeline.


A breakdown of the expected return on investment

Process Improvement

We will deliver a detailed estimate of the value you stand to create and when you can expect to realize that value. Our estimate covers hard savings (like reduced material costs and OT hours) and soft benefits (like safety and compliance).

Sample results from a SwainSmith Value MapTM assessment.

Four reasons to start with our Value MapTM assessment:


We’ve been helping organizations create value with asset management for 20 years.


Our auditors conducted certification assessments for PAS 55, the predecessor to ISO 55000, and were on the team that helped to develop ISO 55000.


We have implemented ISO 55000 compliant asset management systems for some of the world’s largest organizations in both public and private sectors.

Take the first step toward better asset management.

Real improvement takes three things. You have to know where you stand, where you’re going, and how to get there. With a Value MapTM assessment from SwainSmith, you’ll get the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence on your improvement initiatives.

Contact us about a Value MapTM asset management assessment today.