SynergyTM is a fully customizable, web-based asset management operating model for lifecycle asset management. A structured program of policies, strategies, processes, master data standards and best practices that standardizes and optimizes the way you manage physical assets. SynergyTM delivers all the essential building blocks for successful asset management operations.

You can adopt Synergy’s best practices “as is” or modify them, rebrand them, to better fit the unique environment of your operation. In the end, SynergyTM can be your ISO compliant model for how maintenance, storeroom and procurement functions do business, at the facility, and across the organization. To see for yourself, check out our sample SynergyTM practices or learn more about the SynergyTM solution:

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Build a Strategic Program for Enterprise Asset Management

SynergyTM is designed to help organizations quickly develop a strategic program, or management system, for enterprise asset management. It provides a detailed framework for strategic asset management programs (AMP) and ISO 55000 asset management systems (AMS), reducing development time and helping to realize value sooner.

SynergyTM contains industry-accepted business practices and standards for each stage in the asset life cycle:

  • Asset Initialization
  • Work Management
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
  • Shutdown Coordination

  • Reliability Engineering and Failure Analysis
  • MRO Materials Management
  • Indirect Procurement
  • Accounting Coordination

EAM Operating Model(TM)

SynergyTM is used by Fortune 500 companies, public utilities, and other organizations to maximize asset management effectiveness.

Increase uptime and lowering costs at Chiquita


Realizing hard and soft savings at Delek US



Improving service delivery at Des Moines Water Works



Bring Structure and Discipline to Asset Management Operations

SynergyTM formalizes and coordinates asset management activities so your organization can deliver on its goals. It ensures that everyone knows who does what, and how things are done, so that tasks are performed the same way across the organization. This breaks down silos and creates exec-to-tech alignment (as we like to call it).

SynergyTM also aligns technology with practices, and practices with objectives, so the whole organization is working together to realize business goals.

Going Enterprise with EAM

Going enterprise with EAM is about more than just software. Learn what it takes to implement an EAM system successfully across the organization.


Going Enterprise with EAM

Going enterprise with EAM is about more than just software. Learn what it takes to implement an EAM system successfully across the organization.


Standardize Asset Management Operations

Standardization is a best practice for managing asset maintenance and MRO materials. Many multi-site organizations share and manage similar assets, and these assets should be managed in similar ways. This means sites should have similar preventive maintenance (PM) programs, work management processes, storeroom practices, data conventions, and so on.

SynergyTM helps to standardize maintenance and materials management operations. It provides a consistent framework for asset management that can be tailored as needed for your organization or for each individual site:

  • Policy, Strategy, and Objectives
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Practices, Processes, and Procedures

  • Technology Requirements and Best Practices
  • Master Data Standards and Coding Structures
  • Performance Measures and Auditing Standards

Optimize EAM Software and Asset Information Systems

Enterprise asset management starts with process and master data. Asset information systems – including EAM, CMMS, APM, GIS, IIoT, SCADA, and ERP – cannot deliver full return on investment without a foundation of sound business processes, coding schemes, and master records.

SynergyTM helps EAM systems create value by providing the bedrock for effective asset information management:

  • Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities
  • Consistent and Repeatable Business Processes
  • Standardized Failure Codes and Other Coding Schemes
  • Naming Conventions for Asset and MRO Material Records
  • Best Practices for EAM Technology Use and Integration

SynergyTM makes EAM software systems perform!

Infor EAM

IBM Maximo



Establish an Asset Management Operating Model

SynergyTM is a complete, documented, ISO 55000 compliant asset management system. Asset management systems are recognized around the globe as the best practice for strategic asset management. They are not software systems, but structured regimes founded on policies, processes, and other standards. They provide a comprehensive program for managing asset costs, risks, and performance. The establishment of an asset management system is a key recommendation of international standards such as ISO 55000 Asset Management, ISO 41000 Facility Management, PAS 55, and the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM).

Implement ISO 55000 Quickly and Easily

SynergyTM is a complete solution for organizations seeking ISO 55000 alignment or certification. Where ISO 55000 dictates the “what,” SynergyTM provides the “how.” It contains all documentation and standards required to establish an ISO 55000 asset management system, including policies, business processes, KPIs, data conventions, best practices, and more. Read more about how SynergyTM accelerates ISO 55000 implementation.

What’s Inside the EAM Operating ModelTM?

SynergyTM contains three organizational models, which may be purchased individually or as a set:

SynergyTM also includes a strategic asset management plan (SAMP), an extensive glossary of terms and acronyms, and a complete copy of SwainSmith’s EAM Master Data LibraryTM.

Customizable templates

The core of SynergyTM is a set of documented business processes for maintenance work management, MRO materials management, and indirect procurement. These templates are simple to understand and easy to customize. They are delivered as editable Microsoft Word, Excel, and Visio files.

Industry best practices

Each standard in SynergyTM is based on industry-accepted best practices for asset management. The model aligns with ISO 55000, ISO 14224, and other standards. The team that developed SynergyTM includes Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (CMRP) and EAM technology experts with more than 20 years of asset management and MRO consulting experience.

Enterprise standards

SynergyTM is hosted in the cloud, making it easy to implement standard practices, roles, and data conventions across multi-site asset management operations. Make enterprise asset management a reality by establishing a single source of truth for diverse business departments and locations.

Download SynergyTM Samples

Weekly Work Schedule

Synergy Weekly Work Schedule

Inventory Cycle Count Process

Synergy Inventory Cycle Count

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Template

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