SynergyTM is an ISO 55000 compliant asset management system. A documented model of industry-proven asset management practices, processes, and procedures ready to be implemented in your operation. Asset management success begins with a focus on process. SynergyTM provides that foundation.

SynergyTM consists of documented policies, responsibilities, and procedures to standardize and coordinate activities so a business can deliver on its goals. SynergyTM ensures that everyone knows who does what, and how things are done, so that tasks are performed the same way across the organization. It aligns technology with practices, and practices with objectives, so that all of the elements in a business work together to realize the business’s goals. It also includes performance measures and auditing processes so that an organization can continually evaluate and improve the way it operates.

Comprising of three key modules, SynergyTM delivers all of the essential building blocks for successful maintenance, MRO storeroom, and procurement operations. To see for yourself, check out our sample SynergyTM practices.

SynergyTM makes EAM software systems perform!

Infor EAM

IBM Maximo



Easy-to-use process documentation templates

The core of SynergyTM is a series of documentation templates for maintenance work management, MRO materials management, and MRO purchasing management. Our templates are easy to use and based on industry-proven practices. We know that documenting your asset management processes and procedures can be a challenge. SynergyTM expedites the documentation process while providing a bedrock of best practices.

Work Management

EAM Screen

A proven catalyst for EAM/CMMS software success

Successful asset management depends on two things: EAM technology and best practices. SynergyTM supports EAM/CMMS software systems by providing a structured, documented approach to asset management. It lays the groundwork for creating value with your EAM/CMMS application by establishing standardized, industry-accepted practices, processes, and procedures across the organization. It’s an essential toolkit for optimizing your operation with CMMS or EAM software.

Cloud-based standards for enterprise asset management

SynergyTM makes it easy to implement standard processes and data conventions across multi-site maintenance, MRO storeroom, and procurement operations. Give your EAM operation a consistent operating model with our cloud-hosted management system for maintenance and asset management.

Cloud Management


Data Development

Produce better EAM information.

Great EAM information starts with great asset management practices. SynergyTM ensures that all work data, storeroom transactions, and purchasing activities are properly recorded in the EAM software system. This enables you to capture accurate equipment histories and asset life cycle costs, which in turn gives you the information to make smart decisions about your assets.

Process Improvement

Realize value faster.

SynergyTM jump-starts the asset management optimization process. It aligns your organization and reduces EAM/CMMS implementation time so you can create more value sooner. But it doesn’t just speed up the process — it also provides a best practice foundation. All of the resources in Synergy™ are based on proven practices used by world-class organizations.

ISO 55000

Align with industry standards.

SynergyTM aligns your organization with world-class benchmarks for asset performance, risk management, and information quality. It gives you industry-accepted KPIs for maintenance, materials management, and procurement — along with best practice targets and thresholds. SynergyTM also meets most regulatory standards for process documentation, enabling you to achieve compliance faster.

Best Practices

Increase reliability, reduce costs.

SynergyTM improves asset reliability and longevity by coordinating all of the variables that affect the asset life cycle. It also lays the groundwork to achieve significant savings in both CAPEX and OPEX costs. Clients who use our model typically see a 3–5% increase in uptime while simultaneously reducing MRO costs by as much as 25%.

Going Enterprise with EAM

Going enterprise with EAM is about more than just software. Learn what it takes to implement an EAM system successfully across the organization.


Going Enterprise with EAM

Going enterprise with EAM is about more than just software. Learn what it takes to implement an EAM system successfully across the organization.


With SynergyTM you get:


  • Makes process development quick and easy with cloud-based documentation templates.

Best Practices

  • Based on industry-proven and accepted practices.
  • Built on 20 years of consulting experience in maintenance and asset management.


  • Increases equipment reliability and uptime.


  • Ensures that everyone knows who does what—and when and how it’s done.
  • Standardizes how physical assets are managed across multiple sites and business locations.


  • Gives the EAM/CMMS software system what it needs to produce rich and actionable information.
  • Guarantees detailed and accurate data about assets, maintenance, MRO materials, and purchases.


  • Facilitates regulatory and industry compliance.
  • Aligns with standards such as ISO 55000, PAS 55, and ISO 14224.


  • Cuts maintenance costs by reducing reactive maintenance.
  • Can reduce insurance premiums.


  • Gives your operation a stable foundation that will not change as software systems are changed.

SynergyTM Samples

Weekly Work Schedule

Synergy Weekly Work Schedule

Inventory Cycle Count Process

Synergy Inventory Cycle Count

Purchase Requisition Process

Synergy Purchase Requisitions

Download sample Synergy documents and see how Synergy can springboard your asset management excellence initiative.

What Does an Asset Management System framework look like?

Synergy: Our Best Practice Model for Asset Management

Synergy jump-starts the development of your asset management system. It reduces development time and costs so you can create more value sooner. But it doesn’t just speed up the process – it also provides a best-practice foundation.



Optimize your enterprise asset management operation with SynergyTM.

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