SwainSmith provides role-based training to help your team master the Infor EAM platform. Thorough training in Infor EAM’s capabilities is key to maximizing ROI on your software investment. Our courses give each of your team members the knowledge and skills they need to use the Infor EAM system to its full potential for their role.

Maintenance Module

Give your maintenance personnel the training they need to manage work, track asset reliability, and improve performance using the Infor EAM system.

Training Tracks Available:

Maintenance Planner Track

Maintenance Scheduler Track

Maintenance Supervisor Track

Maintenance Technician Track

Storeroom Module

Help your storeroom personnel leverage the Infor EAM system to improve materials management, optimize inventory levels, and minimize delivery delays.

Training Tracks Available:

Storeroom Attendant Track

Storeroom Supervisor Track

Procurement Module

Teach your procurement personnel how to track purchases, streamline the bidding process, and maximize vendor performance using the Infor EAM system.

Training Tracks Available:

Buyer Track

Procurement Supervisor Track

Going Enterprise with EAM

Going enterprise with EAM is about more than just software. Learn what it takes to implement an EAM system successfully across the organization.



5 Steps to Infor EAM Success

Infor EAM is the best EAM software product in the business, according to Gartner’s 2017 report. But how do you make it pay off for your business? In this guide, you’ll learn the five things you should be focusing on to make your Infor EAM implementation a success. You’ll also learn how organizational elements (like processes and performance measures) can work in tandem with your EAM technology to reduce costs, increase uptime, and improve quality.

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5 Steps Infor EAM Success

Empower your team to work better with the Infor EAM system.