SynergyTM is a fully customizable model for MRO materials management. Consisting of industry proven processes and data standards, it provides a consistent and disciplined framework for effectively managing spare parts, driving EAM software success, and making maintenance technicians more productive. SynergyTM is a perfect fit for asset-intensive organizations seeking to bring structure and discipline to MRO storeroom operations.


What Is SynergyTM MRO Management?

MRO Management
SynergyTM is a documented model of processes, master data, and other standards for managing spare parts and other MRO supplies. It gives you industry-accepted standards for:

  • How to set up storerooms (storage equipment, layout, location schemes, etc.)
  • How to standardize MRO data (coding schemes, standard modifier dictionary, etc.)
  • How to conduct storeroom operations (receiving, issuing, delivery, returns, etc.)
  • How to manage inventory (optimization, cycle counting, ABC classification, etc.)
  • How to structure the storeroom organization (roles, responsibilities, etc.)
  • How to measure and drive performance (MRO management KPIs and auditing tools)

What’s Included in the SynergyTM MRO Management System?

Optimize how your storerooms are set up! SynergyTM provides best practices for storeroom layout, storage and barcoding equipment, storeroom security, inventory organization, location schemes, and more.

Establish efficient and disciplined practices for storeroom operations! SynergyTM includes a complete set of business processes for managing the part life cycle, including receiving, storing, picking, kitting, delivery, and returns.

Overview of the part life cycle.

Optimize inventory levels and make sure the parts in stores are the ones you need! SynergyTM has a complete set of processes for managing MRO inventory. It covers cycle counting, ABC classification, critical spares identification, obsolescence management, excess inventory identification, reorder point optimization, and more.

Improve MRO data quality! SynergyTM includes an extensive library of data standards and coding schemes for MRO materials management:

  • MRO Material Naming Conventions and Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD)
  • MRO Material Taxonomies and Coding Schemes (Class, Commodity, etc.)
  • Inventory Discrepancy and Return to Storeroom Reason Codes
  • United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC), and more!

Sample MRO master data that has been cleansed and standardized using SynergyTM data standards.

Establish clear roles and responsibilities for MRO materials management! SynergyTM includes a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) for materials management and a set of role definitions for the storeroom team (Storeroom Supervisor, Storeroom Attendant, etc.).

Gain MRO management insights and drive performance! SynergyTM details more than 20 of the most valuable EAM system reports for MRO materials management, including daily information needs (such as pick tickets) as well as advanced inventory analysis reports. It also provides definitions, targets, and examples of key performance indicators (KPIs) for storeroom productivity and materials management.

SynergyTM MRO Management System Features

Proven Best Practices

  • Every element of SynergyTM, from processes to codes to KPIs, is based on industry-accepted practices.
  • SynergyTM is ISO compliant. It satisfies the requirements of ISO 55001, ISO 41001, PAS 55, ISO 14224, and other international standards for asset management.
  • SynergyTM is built on SwainSmith’s 20 years of experience in maintenance and asset management consulting. We know what works.

Easy Customization

  • Easily customize any element to create your own documentation model that fits your organization’s specific circumstances.
  • All documents are provided in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Visio file formats for easy editing.
  • Templates are designed to work efficiently for organizations in various industries, with single or multiple locations, so only simple customization is required.

Easy to Use

  • Designed for beginners: Processes are written in simple language with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for tasks and activities.
  • Intuitive structure: Processes and procedures are organized in a logical sequence that follows the process flow of a typical maintenance operation.
  • Templates have a consistent format that describes the who, what, when, where, why, and how of each process, procedure, and KPI.
  • Simple, common-sense document numbering makes it easy to find the procedure you need.
  • Built-in glossary defines key terms and abbreviations.
  • Every SynergyTM subscription comes with complimentary training and support to help your team get the most out of the model.

Software Agnostic

  • SynergyTM can be used with any CMMS or EAM software system. It provides the foundational practices and data that asset information systems need to succeed.
  • Our customers include users of IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, Oracle eAM, SAP Enterprise Asset Management, and many of the industry’s other leading software systems.

Download Samples from SynergyTM for MRO Storerooms

Inventory Cycle Count Process

Synergy Inventory Cycle Count

Receiving Process

Synergy Receiving

Optimize your MRO materials management operation with SynergyTM.

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