EAM Master Data Library

Coding Library

SwainSmith’s EAM Master Data LibraryTM is a powerful tool for building better EAM data. It contains a structured coding system that acts as a universal language for asset management, optimizing EAM/CMMS reporting and making it easier to find, sort, and analyze your data. It delivers industry-accepted data standards, failure codes, coding sets, naming conventions, and taxonomies to help you create high-quality EAM data. Check out our video below.

  • Reliability Codes – Problem, Failure, Cause, Action (over 200,000 failure relationships across 167 equipment classes)
  • Standard Modifier Dictionary – Noun, Modifier, Attribute Descriptor Library
  • Asset Codes – Class, Criticality, Standard Abbreviations, Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS)
  • Work Order Codes – Work Type, Priority, Classification, How Found, Constraint, Status, Trade, Delay Reason, Observation
  • MRO Item Codes – Commodity, Class, Segment, SMD Naming Conventions
  • Materials Management Codes – Inventory Discrepancy, Return to Storeroom Reason
  • Vendor Codes – Commodity, Service, Status
  • Procurement Codes – PO Type, PO Status, Quotation Status, Return to Vendor, Ship Via, Receiving Discrepancy
  • Accounting Coordination Codes – Invoice Statuses, Invoice Discrepancies

  • Covers all EAM system areas (assets, work, inventory, and procurement)
  • Meets ISO standards for maintenance and reliability data
  • Built on 20 years of experience in EAM software and best practices
  • Excel workbook integrates easily with EAM and CMMS applications
  • Detailed “best practice” notes tell you how to use each code

Our EAM Problem–Failure–Action Code Set Contains:

  • 1,500 Problem–Failure–Action codes
  • 200,000 failure relationships
  • 167 distinct equipment classes

Our EAM Master Data LibraryTM:

  • Has been developed and refined over 20 years.
  • Cuts development time by 75%.
  • Provides a rock-solid foundation for asset reliability reporting and analysis.
  • Gives you deep and precise information about failure causes and culprits.

Our EAM problem-failure codes provide vital insights into corrective maintenance activities. You get deep and precise information about where problems are originating, how they were fixed, which components are failing, and which failures are costing the most money. We deliver the file in a spreadsheet format. Easy for editing and loading to your EAM system.

Failure Analysis Codes

Improve your RCM initiative with the industry’s largest Problem–Failure–Action Code set. See sample problem-failure codes below. Contact us to request a live demo of the EAM Master Data LibraryTM

As a CMRP with 20 years of consulting experience, I understand the challenge of getting the information you need to solve equipment problems and increase uptime.

Our Master Data LibraryTM can help. I would love to walk you through the library and discuss how it can improve your reliability program.

You can reach out to me directly via the contact info above the form, or fill out the form and I’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

Let’s talk about how you can get the reliability data you need!

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Sample codes for centrifugal pumps.