How do you keep maintenance costs down and asset performance up? How do you stop reacting and start planning? How do you replace chaos with structure?

It starts with a framework. You need an outline of the environment you want to create—an outline you can follow when implementing your organization’s new, systematic approach to asset management.

Creating a framework isn’t just a smart idea for injecting order into your operation. It’s an essential first step in developing an asset management system, à la ISO 55000.

SwainSmith’s asset management system framework is comprehensive and ISO 55000 compliant. It organizes asset management into a logical structure, with all of the processes, roles, and other elements clearly laid out.

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Four Benefits of SwainSmith’s Asset Management System Framework:

  • Clarity. Our framework makes it easy to understand the relationships between the different elements of your asset management operation. Its logical structure will help you create an efficient, coordinated system for asset management.
  • Focus. Our framework will help you focus your attention and determine what to address. It gives you a roadmap so you can implement a structured approach to asset management more quickly and more effectively.
  • Completeness. Our framework will make sure you don’t miss anything. It covers the whole asset management operation, so you won’t have to spend valuable time checking for gaps in your approach.
  • Balance. Our framework makes it easy to determine if you’re giving the right amount of attention to the various areas of asset management. You might find that you need to adjust your approach to get the right balance.

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Synergy Asset Management Framework

SwainSmith’s Asset Management Framework

Developing a comprehensive asset management framework requires thought and experience. Not every organization has the requisite skills to do it right the first time. So we’ve done the work for you. SwainSmith has advantages that most organizations don’t have access to:

  • 20 years of consulting experience with asset-intensive operations
  • an insider’s knowledge of ISO 55000, ISO 55001, and ISO 55002
  • an extensive library of industry-accepted processes for asset management

We’ve taken those assets and used them to develop a thorough framework for asset management systems. Our framework covers all of the key business functions and documentation areas for asset management. It lists every component you need to implement a complete, ISO 55001 compliant management system for your physical assets. And the best part? It’s free.

Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith, Principal
Member of ISO/TC 251

What Does an ISO 55000 Asset Management System Look Like?

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