Do you have an asset management policy? If your organization is asset intensive, you should.

Physical assets are second only to human assets in importance. Their management impacts quality, safety, environmental compliance, production, and the bottom line. An asset management policy says how the organization will manage these valuable assets. It’s a directive from executive leadership that connects what happens in asset management to organizational goals.

Developing an asset management policy is a key requirement of ISO 55000, the international standard for asset management. But just writing a policy isn’t enough. You also have to communicate it to the organization.

In this free 45-minute workshop with SwainSmith principal Tracy Smith, you’ll learn:

  • What an asset management policy is and why you need one
  • The 5 key elements of an asset management policy
  • How to develop a policy that complies with ISO 55000
  • The best way to communicate your policy across the organization

Take the first step in formalizing asset management. Develop an asset management policy!

This workshop is a live one-on-one presentation, not a recording. After you sign up, we’ll contact you to arrange a time that works with your schedule. It’ll just be you and Tracy, so come with questions!

Note: All workshop attendees will receive a complimentary ISO-compliant asset management system framework.

Attendees will receive a complimentary recorded version of the workshop.

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The ISO 55000 approach is creating big value for our clients.

Increase uptime and lowering costs at Chiquita


Realizing hard and soft savings at Delek US



Improving service delivery at Des Moines Water Works



Tracy Smith

About the presenter, Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith has 20 years of experience helping organizations save money, manage risk, and improve compliance through better asset management.

  • Member of ISO Project Committee 251 that helped develop ISO 55000
  • Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP)
  • Infor EAM Certified Partner
  • Past PAS 55 Endorsed Assessor and Certifier

Other organizations are using ISO 55000 to create real value.

We helped Chiquita improve equipment availability and lower costs through the implementation of an ISO-compliant management system for their assets.

We helped Des Moines Water Works improve the delivery of their services and reduce risks by aligning their operation to ISO 55000.

Yours can too. Sign up for a workshop and learn how!