SwainSmith, Inc., is a global asset management solutions firm. We provide products and services to help organizations implement efficient and effective asset management operations.

SwainSmith is a trusted partner for organizations that want the best for their physical assets. For more than 20 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving better results for our clients—results that target cost reduction while improving quality, safety, compliance, and uptime. We’re proud of our numbers, which include an average 10–30% reduction in maintenance costs and 3–5% improvement in equipment availability.

Why team with SwainSmith?

Industry-proven best practices

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Build on what’s tried and proven. We align clients with industry standards like ISO 55000, PAS 55, ISO 14224, and our model SynergyTM to ensure a rock-solid foundation for asset management. We are Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (CMRP) and ISO 55000 experts.

Deep EAM technology expertise

We know how to make EAM software systems deliver ROI. We have helped clients achieve success with all of the leading EAM platforms, including Infor EAM, IBM Maximo, Oracle eAM, and SAP Enterprise Asset Management. Learn more about our EAM technology services

Over 20 years of client success

We’ve been helping organizations improve their physical asset management since 1997. Our consulting experience spans all of the key business areas for asset management: maintenance, storerooms, procurement, executive leadership, and more.

Thought leaders in asset management

We think and write about asset management 24/7. Our articles have been published in Uptime and Plant Services magazines, our papers have been featured at SMRP and ReliabilityWeb, and our blog is chock-full of insights for better asset management. Read our latest insights

A better approach to asset management.

The standard playbook for asset management is broken. SwainSmith takes a different approach — one that addresses all of the variables needed to access rich, actionable EAM information.


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Our Value Proposition


We start every client relationship by building a value model for EAM. This helps you identify the hard dollar savings and justify your asset management initiative. We’ll help you answer the key questions:

  • What are the potential savings?
  • Where are the savings coming from?
  • When should we expect to see them?
  • What must we do to realize them?
  • What resources will be required?


Once you have a value model, we partner with you to realize that value. We bring together the latest and greatest EAM technology with tried and verified practices—and everything we do targets specific objectives for value creation. You want to cut MRO costs by 15% over the next 12 months? Sure thing. We’ll use targeted initiatives, like boosting MRO inventory accuracy to reduce materials spend, to make it happen.


Delivering your payback is our focus. For us, ROI means reducing costs while improving reliability and compliance. It means putting rich and actionable information at your fingertips so you can make smart decisions about your assets. It means giving you the best of both worlds: award-winning EAM software and industry-accepted best practices. Interested? Let’s talk about how you can get your ROI from EAM.

Our approach is simple but transformative:

Start with a structured organizational program for asset management, like an ISO 55000 asset management system. Then implement EAM software and other technology, such as IIoT, on top of that foundation. This one-two combo gives organizations what they need to win the fight against old, reactive maintenance habits—and start creating value with asset management.

Value Pyramid


Tracy SmithTracy Smith


Tracy Smith is a veteran asset management developer, strategist, and consultant. He is the president of SwainSmith, a leading asset management consulting firm, and has 20 years of experience building and improving asset management systems for some of the world’s largest manufacturing organizations.

As a consultant, his work spans the asset management value chain, including engineering, operations, maintenance, MRO materials management, purchasing, and accounting.

Tracy is a member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and an active participant in the US Technical Advisory Group that helped develop ISO 55000. He has also delivered PAS 55 auditing and accreditation services as a certified Endorsed Assessor (EA) of PAS 55 and is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP). His educational background includes an MBA from Clemson University and a BS from the University of South Carolina / David Lipscomb University.

Tracy’s deep domain experience in asset management, coupled with his extensive knowledge of international standards (including PAS 55, ISO 14224, ISO 55000, and ISO 17021) make him a valuable resource and ally for asset-intensive companies. He is an expert at increasing reliability, reducing risk, and minimizing costs through improved asset management operations. He speaks, thinks, writes, and consults about all things asset management.

Client Success Stories

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Recent White Paper

November 2017

ISO 55000, IIoT, and EAM: Solving the Asset Management Puzzle

Learn how ISO 55000 works with IIoT and EAM technology to create an effective and efficient asset management operation.


ISO Whitepaper

A few of the organizations we work with.

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We can solve your asset management challenges.