Build great EAM data with SwainSmith’s
EAM Master Data LibraryTM

Optimize your EAM reporting with the industry’s largest library of asset management codes and data standards.

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Bad master data will impact the EAM/CMMS software’s ability to generate rich and actionable information. It will also make the software harder to use and could potentially extend equipment downtime.

SwainSmith’s EAM Master Data LibraryTM is designed to solve EAM master data challenges. It optimizes your EAM implementation with industry-accepted codes and data standards, laying a solid foundation for managing your EAM data and creating actionable insights.

Our library helps organizations develop complete and standardized asset management data.

EAM Master Data Library
SwainSmith’s EAM Master Data LibraryTM

Improve your EAM/CMMS data

Getting great information out of our EAM/CMMS system begins with your master data. See how naming conventions, coding structures and data standards drive rich and actionable EAM reporting.

Helping organizations master their EAM data since 1997.

The industry’s largest library of EAM master data.

Calibration Management

Reliability Codes

Problem, Failure, Action (over 200,000 failure relationships across 167 equipment classes)

Inspection Management

Standard Modifier Dictionary

SMD containing 2,039 noun, modifier, attribute, value relationships

Asset Management

Equipment Codes

Grouping, Class, Category & Criticality

Work Management

Work Order Codes

Observation, Type, Priority, Classification, How Found, Constraint, Status, Trade, Delay

Materials Management

Materials Management Codes

Commodity, Class, Segment, Naming Conventions, Return to Stores, Inventory Discrepancy

Purchasing Management

Procurement Codes

Vendor Commodity/Service, PO Status & Type, Return to Vendor, Invoice Status & Discrepancy


Features Landing

  • Covers all EAM system areas (assets, work, inventory, and procurement.)
  • Meets ISO standards for maintenance and reliability data.
  • Built on 20 years of experience in EAM software and best practices.
  • Easily integrate with EAM and CMMS applications with downloadable Excel worksheets.
  • Detailed “best practice” notes tell you how to use each code.
  • Web-based platform. Access the codes and updates via a web browser.

Get granular insights into equipment failures.

Our EAM Master Data LibraryTM contains the industry’s most comprehensive set of problem, failure, action, and cause codes.

Improve analysis and equipment uptime with over:

  • 1,600 problem-failure-action-cause codes
  • 200,000 failure relationships
  • 200 distinct equipment classes

Our library will jumpstart your RCM initiative by giving you detailed insights into equipment failures. Know where problems are originating, which components are failing, and which failures are costing the most money.

Simple and affordable pricing

One-time purchase with an optional subscription service.

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EAM Master Data LibraryTM

Each code sheet can be downloaded as a single, downloadable XLS file

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A complimentary review session

To introduce our naming conventions and coding schemes and discuss how to apply them in your EAM/CMMS system

Take the next step with your EAM data.

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