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Coding Library

When EAM systems underperform, the most common culprit is master data. SwainSmith’s EAM Master Data Library fixes common master data problems—and boosts EAM software performance—by establishing a comprehensive, standardized foundation of coding sets, taxonomies, and naming conventions.

  • Covers all EAM system areas (assets, work, inventory, and procurement)
  • Meets ISO standards for maintenance and reliability data
  • Built on 20 years of experience in EAM software and best practices
  • Excel workbook integrates easily with EAM and CMMS applications
  • Industry’s largest equipment-class-specific problem-failure-action code set

The industry’s largest library of EAM master data.

Calibration Management

Reliability Codes

Problem, Failure, Action (over 200,000 failure relationships across 167 equipment classes)

Inspection Management

Standard Modifier Dictionary

SMD containing 2,039 noun, modifier, attribute, value relationships

Asset Management

Equipment Codes

Class, Criticality, Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS)

Work Management

Work Order Codes

Observation, Type, Priority, Classification, How Found, Constraint, Status, Trade, Delay

Materials Management

Materials Management Codes

Commodity, Class, Segment, Naming Conventions, Return to Stores, Inventory Discrepancy

Purchasing Management

Procurement Codes

Vendor Commodity/Service, PO Status & Type, Return to Vendor, Invoice Status & Discrepancy

How does it boost EAM and CMMS software performance?

Master data are fundamental elements of an EAM or CMMS software system. They make the system easier to use and drive operational and KPI reporting. Without great master data, even a simple task like sorting work orders is difficult – and advanced reporting, such as MTBF, is impossible.

The codes and naming conventions in our EAM Master Data Library:

  • Allow data to be quickly queried, accessed, parsed, and analyzed.
  • Allow transactional data (e.g., WOs, POs) to be filtered and sorted.
  • Speed up access to critical asset management information.
  • Provide granularity into asset management activities.
  • Segment master and transactional data into meaningful groups.

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