Integrating IT systems doesn’t have to be difficult. SwainSmith makes it easy to connect your Infor EAM system with other information systems, such as ERP and SCADA, so that data can be shared quickly and easily across the enterprise. We get your systems — and your organization — working together.

9 Reasons EAM Implementations Fail
(And How To Fix Them)

Why do so many CMMS and EAM software implementations fail to deliver useful information?

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When it comes to implementing EAM and CMMS software systems, the prevailing school of thought…

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You wouldn’t use a wrench to drive a nail. So why manage your assets with a software system that’s…

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Lack of alignment is guaranteed to derail your EAM software implementation.

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Master data and coding structures are critical to EAM software performance.

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Documented practices are critical to standardizing physical asset management and achieving success.

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Like tailoring a suit, you should configure your CMMS or EAM system environment to ensure…

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If you’re not measuring success, you’re guessing. Find out how to use performance measures…

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Do you have the CMMS and EAM reports you need? Learn about the tools that turn raw data…

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If you don’t audit your EAM/CMMS implementation, it’s hard to ensure ROI….

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We integrate Infor EAM systems with…

Control Systems

SwainSmith links your Infor EAM system with your SCADA, BAS, HMI, and other control systems to give your Infor EAM system access to real-time asset data. This allows your Infor EAM system to (for example) auto-generate PdM work orders based on asset condition. It also gives your managers the data to make informed, timely maintenance decisions.

ERP Software

Keep your accounting department in the loop. SwainSmith connects your Infor EAM platform with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, ensuring that both systems are passing the right data in the right way — so you can leverage the power of Infor EAM while keeping the financials accurate.

BI Software

Make better decisions about your physical assets. SwainSmith connects your Infor EAM platform with your business intelligence (BI) platform so you can monitor and analyze asset data in real time, giving you the information you need to make smart decisions about your company’s equipment and infrastructure.

ERP and Infor EAM: Partners for productivity

Asset management is increasingly recognized as a technology-empowered methodology, which can boost an organization’s productivity, reduce costs, cut energy waste, and encourage the adoption of best business practices. Typically there are two primary routes to approaching physical asset management: using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or specialized enterprise asset management (EAM) software.

ERP systems offer a large scale consolidated approach to tracking an organization’s asset-related processes, while Infor EAM systems provide in-depth, best of breed functionality to monitor, react, and predict the precise performance of assets over their lifetime. Together, they can help organizations boost performance and deliver on their strategic objectives.


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Going Enterprise with EAM

Going enterprise with EAM is about more than just software. Learn what it takes to implement an EAM system successfully across the organization.



5 Steps to Infor EAM Success

Infor EAM is the best EAM software product in the business, according to Gartner’s 2017 report. But how do you make it pay off for your business? In this guide, you’ll learn the five things you should be focusing on to make your Infor EAM implementation a success. You’ll also learn how organizational elements (like processes and performance measures) can work in tandem with your EAM technology to reduce costs, increase uptime, and improve quality.

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5 Steps Infor EAM Success

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