Become an Infor EAM software expert through SwainSmith’s Infor EAM eLearning program. We’ll teach you how to use the software like a pro—and help you to maximize its value for your organization.

9 Reasons EAM Implementations Fail
(And How To Fix Them)

Why do so many CMMS and EAM software implementations fail to deliver useful information?

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When it comes to implementing EAM and CMMS software systems, the prevailing school of thought…

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You wouldn’t use a wrench to drive a nail. So why manage your assets with a software system that’s…

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Lack of alignment is guaranteed to derail your EAM software implementation.

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Master data and coding structures are critical to EAM software performance.

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Documented practices are critical to standardizing physical asset management and achieving success.

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Like tailoring a suit, you should configure your CMMS or EAM system environment to ensure…

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If you’re not measuring success, you’re guessing. Find out how to use performance measures…

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Do you have the CMMS and EAM reports you need? Learn about the tools that turn raw data…

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If you don’t audit your EAM/CMMS implementation, it’s hard to ensure ROI….

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About the curriculum

Our eLearning program is divided into five training tracks, each containing several modules. Each module focuses on a specific area of Infor EAM software functionality. Modules may be completed independently or as part of a longer Infor EAM training track—whichever works best for you. To ensure the highest quality of instruction, all modules are taught in real time by live instructors who are Infor EAM software certified.

Training Tracks:
Administration (9 Modules)
Asset Management (7 Modules)
Work Management (12 Modules)
MRO Supply Chain (5 Modules)
Performance Management (5 Modules)

Boost your ROI on Infor EAM software

Most Infor EAM software customers use less than 50% of the software’s capabilities. This number represents a huge lost potential for increasing productivity, reducing cost, and improving asset health. Our courses will teach you to use the Infor EAM modules you already have—and help you to learn and implement new areas of Infor EAM functionality. Increase your ROI by realizing the full potential of your Infor EAM system.

Become a Certified Infor EAM Professional

Prove your Infor EAM knowledge and boost your credentials by earning a formal certificate of achievement. Participants who complete all 38 modules and successfully pass a final exam will receive a certificate with the title Certified Infor EAM Professional. (Certificate package includes a mailed hard copy, a digital copy in PDF format, and a digital seal that may be used on resumes and online profiles.)

Training Tracks:
Administration (9 Modules)
Asset Management (7 Modules)
Work Management (12 Modules)
MRO Supply Chain (5 Modules)
Performance Management (5 Modules)

Student Teacher Ratio

1:1 student-teacher ratio

Each module is a one-on-one class with a certified Infor EAM instructor. It’s like a private coaching session for Infor EAM. You’re the only one in class, so you can ask questions, focus on the areas you’re most interested in, and get individualized instruction from qualified Infor EAM professionals.


Infor EAM certified instructors

Our courses are taught by Infor EAM certified instructors with over 15 years of maintenance, storeroom, and procurement experience. They don’t just teach you how to use the software: they teach you how to leverage its capabilities to improve your operation in accordance with industry-accepted best practices.

live online classroom

Live online classroom

Courses are taught online by a live instructor using a live Infor EAM software environment. It’s as good as being on-site, except you don’t have to pay travel costs. In addition, after each module, you will receive a digital recording of the session so you can go back and review whenever you want.

flexible pricing

Flexible pricing

Training modules may be purchased individually, by track, or in customizable sets. The cost of each individual module is $185. Get a 15% discount when you purchase one or more complete training tracks. Credit cards and POs are accepted forms of payment.

Why choose Infor EAM eLearning from SwainSmith?

  • Reduced cost. Our program is significantly cheaper than on-site training because you don’t have to pay consultant travel and lodging fees.
  • Convenience. No need to travel to a designated training location. Choose when and where to participate in training courses—whether at home or in the office.
  • Modular design. Training content is provided in short, incremental modules, allowing you to learn what you need at your own pace.
  • Full coverage. Unlike other Infor EAM training curricula, our eLearning program is designed to cover every area of Infor EAM functionality.

Administration Track (9 modules)

Take advantage of Infor EAM’s flexibility by learning how to set up, customize, and manage your Infor EAM system. The Administration Track will teach you how to configure the system, introduce you to Infor EAM’s powerful tools for management, and give you an understanding of best practices for system design.

Modules in the Administration Track:

Want to run maintenance as a business? Learn how to manage customer contracts, create invoices, and charge for time, materials, and labor costs. (Note: This module is designed for maintenance organizations that operate as a business and charge clients for their work.)

Make regulatory compliance easy by taking advantage of the Infor EAM software system’s comprehensive and flexible “audit trail” feature. Learn how to track changes to data, comments, and attributes for almost every table in the system.

Learn about the most commonly used Infor EAM SQL statements, syntax, terms, and definitions.

Learn about industry-proven coding structures and naming conventions. See what best practice data sets look like. Discover the right kinds of codes to use for equipment classes and statuses, work order types and classes, equipment failures, technician delays, “how found” descriptions, and a variety of other information. (Note: Each participant will receive a library of industry-accepted codes to take home.)

Learn how to build data grids. Discover how to easily compile, sort, view, and export data with joined tables.

Keep your personnel updated at all times by mastering Infor EAM systems’s powerful messenger capabilities. Learn how to set up automatic e-mail notifications for predefined events, such as the submission of a requisition, completion of a work order, or receipt of a part.

Learn how to use Infor EAM with a large, multi-site business. Discover how to manage multiple legal entities with one database, set up support for multiple currencies and languages, and apply security settings to determine user access across different regions or user groups.

Learn how to set up users, user groups, menus, and dashboards. Discover best practices for system security and design. Learn how to make the system easy to use and easy to deploy.

Learn how to input large amounts of data into the system quickly, without the need for manual data entry, using the Infor EAM system’s web-based upload utility.

Asset Management Track (7 modules)

Control costs and extend asset life by learning how to manage your assets with Infor EAM software. The Asset Management Track will teach you how to set up different types of assets in the Infor EAM system, give you the skills to develop a structured equipment master, and get you started tracking costs, meters, claims, and other asset data.

Modules in the Asset Management Track:

Make it easy for operators to create work requests and improve equipment costing. Learn how to track asset costs using a comprehensive, configured “family tree” that forms relationships between equipment, systems, and locations.

Learn how to identify, track, locate, and analyze your physical assets. Maximize productivity and asset life by understanding how to compile and access asset data (such as location, work history, warranties, claims, meters, permits, and bills of materials).

Speed up equipment database development efforts. Learn how to generate multiple equipment entries quickly and accurately using predefined templates for each type of equipment. Automate the process of creating entries for assets, positions, systems, and associated parts, meters, applicable warranties, and child equipment.

Learn how to set up and manage linear assets using reference details such as length, units of measure, and geographic coordinates. Learn how to write work orders against any point on or section of an asset by specifying to and from points.

Learn how to associate meters with equipment. Discover how to set up the system so that metered usage values automatically flow down to selected asset components according to a user-defined hierarchy.

Improve tracking of repairable spares by learning how to designate parts or equipment as “repairable.” Find out how to set up the system so that items designated for refurbishment are automatically placed in a “to be repaired” location when they are returned to the storeroom after a job.

Get your money back—and avoid invalidating your warranty—by using the Infor EAM system to track asset warranties and claims. Learn how to set up warranties in the system, automatically identify assets under warranty, and track all work orders having a potential claim.

Work Management Track (12 modules)

Take charge of your maintenance operation by learning how to manage work with EAM system. The Work Management Track will teach you how to use the Infor EAM system to identify and control work, manage safety and inspections, plan and schedule more efficiently, implement preventive maintenance, and more.

Modules in the Work Management Track:

Control spend by learning how to set up budgets and use them to automatically capture, monitor, control, and analyze maintenance costs.

Learn how to manage incoming maintenance requests from a broad and diverse customer base. Empower your customer service representatives by putting all the information needed to handle maintenance requests at their fingertips.

Formalize inspections by learning how to break down task instructions into individual steps so that each step can be confirmed separately. Find out how to create checklists for any task on a work order or lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedure, and learn how to create follow-up work orders automatically for all flagged checklist items.

Start down the path of predictive maintenance by learning how set up inspection requirements, review condition information, and approve results. Discover how to automatically generate corrective work orders when an inspection result exceeds a preset limit.

Improve maintenance planning by learning how to build a library of pre-planned jobs. Discover how to reduce maintenance planning time and mean time to repair (MTTR) through the use of standard work orders.

Improve scheduling and technician utilization by learning how to build a two-way interface between the Infor EAM system and Microsoft Project. This module will teach you how to automatically send work orders and personnel data to Project (for planning and scheduling purposes) and receive scheduling data from Project (for execution and tracking).

Reduce reactive maintenance by taking advantage of Infor EAM software’s powerful PM features. Learn how to set up PM tasks based on a fixed date, flexible time period, or metered usage; how to incorporate routes with a task so that technicians can service multiple assets under a single work order; how to compensate for early or late work completion with automatic adjustments to PM schedules; and how to use maintenance patterns to handle nested PM work orders.

Learn how to track complex or simple projects from start to finish. Reduce the resources you spend on projects and improve capital planning by learning better ways to manage budgets, labor, and equipment.

Improve safety by learning how to set up procedures for identifying and alleviating hazards. Then, learn how to allocate safety-related responsibilities to specific individuals to ensure that the correct actions are taken. Discover how EAM software can facilitate permitting and LOTO (lockout/tagout) procedures.

Learn how to get around in the system. Speed up access to information by learning the best ways to navigate forms, search for records, and sort and filter data.

Learn how to manage all work performed on assets, from installing new equipment to issuing and completing maintenance work orders. Make the most of your resources by learning how to identify and control work management activities.

Learn how to build and manage weekly and daily maintenance schedules. Discover how to improve maintenance labor utilization by managing who does the work and when they do it.

MRO Supply Chain Track (5 modules)

Reduce MRO costs by learning how to manage inventory and procurement with the Infor EAM system. The MRO Supply Chain Track will teach you how to track spare parts and storeroom transactions, give you the skills to optimize stock levels and improve delivery times, and show you how to control the purchasing process using the Infor EAM system.

Modules in the MRO Supply Chain Track:

Control spend and help ensure company payments are in order by learning how to create invoices and match them with POs and receipts. Find out how the req-to-check process works in the Infor EAM system. Discover ways to reduce unnecessary purchases and costs using procurement controls.

Learn how to track storeroom receipts, issues, and returns. Reduce MRO costs by managing storeroom inventory with tools such as economic order quantity (EOQ), class calculations and assignments, and cycle counts. Discover how to improve material fill rates and reduce mean time to repair while lowering inventory costs.

Learn how to identify, name, classify, track, locate, and analyze your MRO materials. Maximize productivity and asset life by understanding how to develop a complete, accurate, and timely MRO materials master.

Learn how to order parts, keep up with delivery times, and manage vendors. Discover the best ways to roll out requisition, routing, approval, and PO generation. Find out how to set up and manage contracts on materials with set pricing and terms. Learn how to reduce unnecessary purchases and costs using procurement controls.

Learn how to identify, name, classify, track, locate, and analyze your MRO vendors. Better understand who you buy from. Improve vendor performance and drive down procurement costs by learning how to develop a complete, accurate, and timely MRO vendor master.

Performance Management Track (5 modules)

Keep your business on track by learning how to monitor performance with the EAM system. The Performance Management Track will show you how to take advantage of Infor EAM system’s powerful reporting tools, introduce you to some key performance indicators, and teach you how to access data quickly using charts and inboxes.

Modules in the Performance Management Track:

A picture speaks a thousand words. Learn how to set up charts to graphically display and trend performance measurements over time. Learn how to turn your Infor EAM Start Center into an Infor EAM Performance Dashboard.

Access key data faster with Infor EAM Start Center inboxes. Learn how to develop data filters to quickly pull the information you want to keep an eye on. Learn the basic SQL statements that simplify and speed system use and data access.

Monitor performance more closely by learning how to set up KPIs. Find out how to use graphic icons to measure KPIs without having to generate a report. Discover best practices for several of the most common and useful KPIs, including PM compliance and mean time between failures (MTBF).

Get your hands on the information you need to drive your business. Learn how to use the Infor EAM system’s many predefined reports for assets, materials, purchasing, schedules, work, budget analysis, projects, and commercial services.

One size does not fit all. Learn how to use Infor EAM’s Advanced Reporting module to create customized reports. Discover the basics of Cognos Workspace Advanced and Report Studio.

Infor EAM eLearning: Program Overview and Course Offerings

Infor EAM eLearning from SwainSmith is designed for companies on the move that want to get the most out of their EAM software. With EAM eLearning, you get one-on-one training from Infor EAM certified instructors via a live virtual environment, on your schedule and at your pace. Learn to use Infor EAM like a pro — and find out how to maximize its value for your organization.


EAM eLearning

Don’t waste your most valuable asset.

Infor EAM software comes with a powerful array of features, each one representing an opportunity to improve your asset management operation. Sadly, most organizations fail to use the Infor EAM system to its full potential. They may implement a handful of core capabilities, but the majority of the software’s features go unused.

Don’t let the power of your Infor EAM system go to waste. Sign up for Infor EAM eLearning to unlock everything your Infor EAM software can do for your organization.

Going Enterprise with EAM

Going enterprise with EAM is about more than just software. Learn what it takes to implement an EAM system successfully across the organization.



5 Steps to Infor EAM Success

Infor EAM is the best EAM software product in the business, according to Gartner’s 2017 report. But how do you make it pay off for your business? In this guide, you’ll learn the five things you should be focusing on to make your Infor EAM implementation a success. You’ll also learn how organizational elements (like processes and performance measures) can work in tandem with your EAM technology to reduce costs, increase uptime, and improve quality.

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5 Steps Infor EAM Success

Learn how to get the most out of your Infor EAM software.

Sign up for Infor EAM eLearning and let us know what tracks you’re interested in. After you sign up, one of our instructors will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss module selections, arrange payment, and schedule class times.

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