Optimize Asset Management with Synergy™

An ISO 55000 compliant Asset Management Operating Model


Improve your asset management operating model with Synergy™

For asset-intensive organizations, establishing a high-performing, asset management operating model is vital to success. An asset management operating model increases productivity, improves EAM software performance, reduces operational risks, and ultimately, improves your organization’s bottom line.

Establishing organizational, process and data standards may seem like a daunting challenge; but it doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. With Synergy™, you can quickly build upon a foundation of proven policies, processes, and best practices to create the ideal asset management operating model for your business.

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What is Synergy™?

Synergy™ is an ISO 55000 compliant, web-enabled, operating model for lifecycle asset management. Synergy™ is not software—it’s a fully customizable, structured program of industry-approved best practices, designed to standardize and optimize the way you manage physical assets.

Built on 23 years of EAM consulting experience, Synergy™ delivers all the essential building blocks for successful maintenance and MRO supply chain operations, including over 300 tried-and-true policies, processes, data standards, best practices, KPIs and more.

Hosted in the cloud and fully customizable, Synergy™ can be implemented as is, or modified to better fit the unique needs and operations of your business.

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How Synergy™ creates value for your organization

Reduce operational risks:

Physical assets can create safety, environmental and financial risks for you and your employees. Synergy™ can help reduce those risks by providing a disciplined, structured approach to asset management.

Standardize maintenance and MRO supply chain:

Synergy™ helps standardize maintenance, MRO materials management and procurement operations across your entire organization, so you can organize your needs and assets at every site in a cohesive way.

Achieve exec-to-tech alignment:

Synergy™ plans and coordinates your management activities to create alignment across all teams, so your employees can consistently deliver on company goals.

Optimize your EAM software system:

EAM starts with process and master data. Get more out of your asset information system (i.e. EAM, CMMS, ERP, APM, GIS, IIoT, SCADA) with Synergy™’s foundation of industry-proven business processes, responsibility matrices, coding schemes, and master records.

Align to ISO 55000 standards:

Aligned with ISO 55000, ISO 14224, and other standards, Synergy™ is based on industry-accepted best practices for asset management. With Synergy™, build your own ISO compliant model for how your maintenance, storerooms, and procurement functions do business across your organization.

Build a customized program to fit your needs:

Synergy™ provides a detailed framework for both strategic AMP and ISO 55001 AMS, and contains industry-accepted best practices for each stage in the asset lifecycle, including: Asset Initialization, Work Management, Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM), Shutdown Coordination, Reliability Engineering and Failure Analysis, MRO Materials Management, Indirect Procurement, Accounting Coordination

Synergy™ Features

Customizable Framework

Customizable Framework

Synergy™’s framework is simple to understand and easy to customize. The framework is presented as editable Microsoft Word, Excel, and Visio files.

Industry Best Practices

Industry Best Practices

Each standard in Synergy™ is based on industry-approved best practices for asset management. The model aligns with ISO 55000, PAS 55, ISO 14224, and other international standards.

Cloud Hosted Standards

Cloud Hosted Enterprise Standards

Hosted in the cloud, Synergy™ makes it easy to implement standard practices, roles, and data conventions across multi-site asset management operations. Establish a single source of truth for all business departments and locations across your intranet.

Web-Based Platform

Web-Based Platform

Synergy™’s online platform makes it easy for your employees to access, view, and learn about your organization’s maintenance management and MRO supply chain processes—all in one place.

Industry-Leading Solutions

Industry-Leading Solutions

Synergy™ provides industry-leading solutions for your entire EAM lifecycle, including Maintenance & Reliability, MRO Materials Management, and MRO Procurement.

Download SynergyTM Samples

Weekly Work Schedule

Synergy Weekly Work Schedule

Inventory Cycle Count Process

Synergy Inventory Cycle Count

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Template

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Synergy™ Editions

Professional License

  • Access to full Synergy model
  • Fully editable & customizable
  • One-time purchase perpetual license
  • Optional subscription program for ongoing updates & improvements
  • Access anywhere via the Cloud

Enterprise License

  • Access to full Synergy model
  • Access to Synergy web-based platform
  • One-time purchase perpetual license
  • Branding with your company logo and colors
  • Optional subscription program for ongoing updates & improvements
  • Access anywhere via the Cloud

Organizations powered by Synergy™ best practice standards

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